Sunday, September 1, 2013

SYFY the New Drug--Loving Dangerously Blog Hop

Welcome to the Loving Dangerously Blog Hop and Scavenger Hunt, a fabulous sci-fi series from A.M. Griffin and Ellora's Cave.
Loving Dangerously 1

I can't remember a time when I didn't love science fiction. When I was in elementary school, I always gravitated toward the sci-fi section in the library. I loved the adventure—the idea of new worlds, new gadgets, space ships and fabulous  galaxies that contained creatures unlike anything I'd ever seen.
When I grew older, that love turned into a fascination and addiction to anything science fiction on TV. From Lost in Space, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, to Battlestar Galactica. Come on…who didn't fall in love with Starbuck and Apollo? I must admit, now as an adult I can just about identify any episode of Star Trek TNG from a single quote of dialogue. And who doesn't have a crush on Jean-Luc Picard?
Finally, I think the SyFy channel has truly become my new drug. Oh my, the shows I've grown to love over the past few years. Star Gate, Star Gate Atlantis, Haven, Defiance, Being Human (not quite sci-fi, but the channel feeds all my guilty pleasures lol) Must I go on? No. I think not. I believe you've probably gotten the picture. My name is Jessica Lee, and I'm a sci-fi junkie.
What shows or books are your guilty pleasure?
Leave a comment, and at the end of the blog hop, I’ll randomly choose one participant to receive an ebook of their choice from my backlist. Smile

The latest installment from A.M. Griffin!

Dangerously Hers
Ellora’s Cave


Jess hates aliens. After the invasion that destroyed Earth, the extraterrestrial bastards sold her to a brothel as a sex slave. She may have escaped but the old memories and fears still linger in the dark corners of her mind. Supposedly Sonis is just the place for her—somewhere safe, where she can heal and start fresh. She’s almost hopeful…until she meets Rasha, her new boss.

Rasha, Captain of the Sonis Royal Guard, is a warrior through and through. He’s huge, sinfully sexy and could have any woman on Sonis—but the woman he wants is Jess. He’s very much an alien and Jess knows she should hate him or at least be wary, but whenever he’s around, she loses control. She tells herself it’s only sex—amazing, mind-blowing sex like nothing else she’s ever experienced—but there’s something about Rasha that shakes her soul. The feel of his skin against hers, the look in his eyes as he touches her—they make her want to believe it’s possible to find love and begin again.

Grand Prize list is as follows:
A.M. Griffin Swag-tastic pack:
-Tote bag
-Coffee mug
-Mouse pad
-Flash drive
-Signed cover flats for all 3 books
-Trading cards
eBook copy of Wired in Sin from Lea Barrymire
$10 Amazon Gift Card from Danica Avet
Swag pack from The Jeep Diva
eBook copy of Arctic Destiny from Anya Richards
eBook copy of Alien Affairs from Kate Hill
$10 Amazon Gift Card from Booked and Loaded Blog
Guitar Pic Ribbon Bookmark from Free eBooks Galore
$20 Amazon Gift Card from eBook Indie Covers

Handmade Ribbon Bookmark & $5.00 Amazon or B&N Gift Card from Bookworm Bridgette's World

Blog Hop Sci-Fi Quote Instructions:
Each stop contains an awesome quote from a science fiction book or movie. They are all found on out-of-this-world photos. Figure out what movie or book the quote is from and post in the Rafflecopter. DON’T post as a comment on the blog stop! That’ll give away the answers.
Have fun and good luck!
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Kimberly Mayberry said...

Thank you so much for being a part of the hunt! This has been so fun! kbinmichATyahooDOTcom

Eva Millien said...

My guilty pleasure would be SF erotic romance books, but for SF tv or movies. I love Star Trek the original episodes. Thanks for sharing the hunt and the giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com

Susie Richey said...

I love a good Sci-Fy. I still remember my dad taking us all to see Star Wars on New Years Eve when I was a young girl. We loved it, just me and my dad went back to see it again. I was his little movie partner. Still am really I get with him to watch movies still, since my mom is not a big fan of sci-fy.

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks for stopping by and participating, ladies! :)

Mel Bourn said...

Thanks for being on the hop! I feel so out of it. I have to do lots of googling to figure some of these out. Unless it is from Star Wars. Those I know.
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Pam said...

Thanks for participating in the hop.

pjmillion (at) comcast (dot) net

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mel and Pam! Good luck with the giveaway!

pansypetal said...

I am a sci-fi junky too. You missed some great ones Jessica. Farscape. Babylon 5. Firefly. Off course these are only on video now, but I have them all. Starbuck and Appollo, the originals. *sigh* Yep! Loved them too. And Boxy when he was all grown up. Thank you for sharing. Do we need a sci-fi junky group? ;-)

Jessica Lee said...

Oh, I do remember those. Sadly, all on video now. Yes, I think we do need a sci-fi junky group, pansypetal! lol

Vanessa N. said...

I love scifi movies. I've watched Star Trek, Lost in Space, Being Human, Lost Girl, and Defiance.

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